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Where it all started…

Shane fell in love with photography when he took his first analog photography course in high school. While in high school, he studied photography for three years and gained strong foundational knowledge in the art.

After he completed some general education requirements at a local community college, he decided to get his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Photography and his Bachelor of Arts in Communication at the University of Colorado, Denver (UCD). Once he started, he was unsure of where his photographic career would head.

Shane’s photographic style started to evolve as he grew his skill set and began to realize his love for portrait photography. He loved photographing people with analog film and often utilized his University’s on-campus darkrooms to develop film and make prints.

September 2019
Shane was hired on as the Photographer for the Business School at UCD. He strengthened his portrait-taking skills even further as he photographed prominent figures at the Business School.

June 2020
Shane finalized the concept of ‘Shane’s Photographs’: creating memories and building relationships. The mountains signify his love for Colorado’s breath-taking landscapes, and the person represents the potential client.

September 2020
Shane began his final year of coursework for his dual major in photography and communication.

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